I’m engaged, now what?!

To be legally married in Australia, a man and woman must:

  • not be married to someone else
  • not be marrying a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister
  • be at least 18 years old, unless a court has approved a marriage where one party is aged between 16 and 18 years old
  • understand what marriage means and freely consent to becoming husband and wife
  • use specific words during the ceremony
  • give written notice of their intention to marry to their authorised celebrant, within the required time frame. The written notice in this case is the NOIM.

What is the NOIM?

The NOIM refers to the Notice of Intended Marriage and is a legal requirement of marriage in Australia, along with both parties being over the age of 18. This notice is to be completed and lodged with me no earlier than 18 months before the date of the marriage ceremony and no later than one month. You can obtain a NOIM here or your I can provide you with one.

I will assist you with preparing and witnessing the NOIM. I will also need to sight your birth certificate or passport in its original form, along with photo identification. If there are difficulties providing such documents I can advise you on what you will need to do. If you have previously been married you will need to an original Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate.

What if the required documents are not in English?

If the required documents are not in English you will need to have them translated by an accredited translator. You can search for such services via NAATI directory.

What are the legal requirements of our wedding ceremony?

  1. The celebrant must cite the Subsection 46(1) of the Marriage Act, which is referred to as the ‘monitum.’ It explains and defines the nature of marriage according to Australian law.
  2. The couple’s full names must be said at least once during the ceremony.
  3. The couple’s must use the vows set out in Subsection 45(2) of the Marriage Act. These words are the minimum of which must be exchanged between the couple and they may certainly add to these words.
  4. Two persons over the age of 18 years are required to witness your marriage and sign the marriage certificates.

How much help do you give us in planning our ceremony?

As much help as you like! I can plan and write the whole ceremony for you or just take care of the legal requirements as above. I love getting creative. There are no silly ideas and just because it’s “traditional” doesn’t mean it has to happen at your ceremony! Bring me your ideas, tell me what you don’t want and I’ll marry it all together for you (pardon the pun) – with as little or as big input as you wish!

Do we need a rehearsal?

Yes, if you’d like one. Do you really need one? If you don’t, let’s not. Your wedding is not a stage production – it’s a moment in time. The moments you remember are not going to be those that were rehearsed but those that happened naturally. Nerves are going to happen and I am going to be there with you to guide you on the day. I’ll also be there early to speak to the groomsmen and give them them all the tips they need as well as check in with the bride and bridesmaids when they arrive and we’ll have a little chat before you walk down the aisle.

We would like a friend to marry us. How would this be possible?

This is how it all started for me and what a wonderful way to include your special friend or family member. This person must be very special to you. Good news – it can be done with minimal fuss and I love a good collaboration! Contact me to chat about some options.

Do you travel? 

Absolutely. I’m a born and bred Brisbane girl who now lives in Sydney so I will happily travel to Brisbane with no extra cost for flights. Weddings where travel is required 30km outside of Sydney or Brisbane will incur a travel fee. Contact me to discuss your options.